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Also, ensuring that our clients'portfolios were themselves diversified meant we could monitor the position sizes and take some measured risk.
These include increasing cash balances to meet outflows and reducing position sizes to increase their ability to liquidate positions if they face a combination of redemptions and market stress.
The other way, he notes, it is to reduce the manager's position sizes so they reduce their exposure to idiosyncratic risk, or the risk of any specific sector of any specific company.
* A .025" pitch pin with standard position sizes of 5, 9, 15, 25, 37, 51, and 65.
The stackable design enables any combination of position sizes. Both right angle and vertical PCB-mount versions are available.
The values of position sizes for an analogue PID is:
The portfolio holder would normally disclose various characteristics of the portfolio, such as the portfolio's total value; number of securities which it contains; distribution of the securities by market and by sector or index; type (in the U.K., alpha, beta, or gamma shares); industry group and concentrations; average position size; distribution of position sizes; average trading volumes; and capitalization weightings.
* Availability in 1 through 12 positions with a dovetail feature to create larger position sizes as required.
The connectors are available in 10 through 60 dual position sizes and have the same overall dimensional envelope as current AMP PACE connectors.
* Availability of even position sizes for the blindmateable vertical headers that range from 2 up to 24.
Factory assembled versions are available for position sizes greater than three.

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