Investment manager

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Investment manager

The individual who manages a portfolio of investments. Also called a portfolio manager or a money manager.
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Investment Manager

A person or, more often, a bank or business who controls an investment portfolio on behalf of a client. Investment managers make investment decisions on behalf of the client in accordance to the parameters set by the client. The goal is to make the most profit for the client as possible. Some investment managers have more autonomy than others, depending upon the client's needs and desires. Institutional investment managers normally hire a team to work on the different accounts it has under management. Unlike brokers, investment managers are not paid on commission, but rather by a percentage of the total amount of money under management. This gives the investment manager an incentive to work for the client's profit, as the more money the manager accumulates, the more he/she/it makes. An investment manager is also known as a money manager or portfolio manager. See also: Advisory account, Discretionary account, Markowitz Portfolio Theory.
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Peabody will be focused on managing investment-grade debt securities in the fund, working with current portfolio managers Robert Persons and Andy Li.
Kandarp Acharya, CFA, FRM; Christian Chan, CFA; Niklas Nordenfelt, CFA; Timothy O'Brien, CFA; and Philip Susser will continue their roles as portfolio managers of the Wells Fargo Global Dividend Opportunity Fund.
CEO Philipp Good sees these in particular in fundamental credit analysis and the highly professional management of corporate and convertible bonds by experienced portfolio managers.
(NYSE: WDR) has announced responsibility changes for certain portfolio management personnel, including separation of two portfolio managers, the company said.
The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has outsourced a total of RM114.56 billion to external portfolio managers as at Dec 31, 2017, an increase of 9.8 per cent from RM104.37 billion in 2016.
At a meeting here, Sebi's Board approved issuance of a consultation paper for amendments to the Sebi ( Portfolio Managers) Regulations, 1993, which would make it easier for the overseas funds to relocate to India.
Global financial institution Citadel Llc has said that it has named Steven Goldberg and Edwin Lin as senior portfolio managers in Global Fixed Income.
According to the report, a potential conflict of interest may arise, given that many of the various portfolio managers charged with managing the different Science and Technology (S & T) portfolios were former experts from national laboratories.
The Directorate is organized into portfolios, led by portfolio managers. Questions have been raised about potential conflicts of interest for these individuals, since a portion of the Directorate's research funds have gone to the national laboratories.
Dow Jones Newswires (New York) has signed a letter of intent to co-brand and co-market a new suite of independent mutual-fund information and fund-manager benchmarking products and services for the financial services market with The Rankings Service (TRS; Needham Heights, MA), a research firm that tracks and ranks the performance of individual mutual-fund portfolio managers, rather than individual funds.

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