Portfolio management

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Portfolio management

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Portfolio Management

The act or practice of making investment decisions in order to make the largest possible return. Portfolio management takes two basic forms: active and passive. Active management involves using technical, fundamental, or some other analysis to make trades on a fairly regular basis. For example, one may sell stock A in order to buy stock B. Then, a few days or weeks later, one may sell stock B to buy bond C. Passive management, on the other hand, involves buying an index, an exchange-traded fund, or some other investment vehicle with securities the investor does not directly choose. For example, one may buy an exchange-traded fund that holds all the stocks on the S&P 500. See also: Asset management, Investment adviser.
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'The sale of Total's interest in this infrastructure reflects its active portfolio management strategy. Rather than own infrastructure assets, the Group's aim is to hold contracts to use such infrastructure when needed to manage its industrial assets.
Jean-Pierre Sbraire, chief financial officer at Total, said: "The sale of Total's interest in this infrastructure reflects its active portfolio management strategy.
Speaking about divesting its UK assets, president of exploration and production at Total, Arnaud Breuilliac, said: "This transaction is consistent with our portfolio management strategy, aiming at lowering our break-even point by optimising capital allocation and divesting high technical costs assets.
Diversicare Healthcare Services (DVCR) announced a pending transaction as part of its portfolio management strategy. The Company has reached an agreement in principal with Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) to amend its master lease to terminate operations of ten nursing facilities located in Kentucky, totaling approximately 885 skilled nursing beds, and to concurrently transfer operations to an operator selected by Omega.
As part of its portfolio management strategy, the Company subscribed to the right shares issued by Engro Polymer and Chemicals Ltd.
Breen will work closely with the senior leadership team and focus on the company's portfolio management strategy, capital allocation decisions, and, in conjunction with Marc Doyle, shareholder engagement.
<br />"This sale represents another important step in Samson's portfolio management strategy of divesting non-core assets and increasing focus on our core assets in the Powder River and Green River Basins of Wyoming," said Joseph Mills, president and CEO of Samson.<br />Proceeds of this sale will be used to partially fund the 2018 drilling program.<br />
The positive reaction from both domestic and international investors to our debut Sukuk is a clear testament to the quality of our assets, and the REIT manager's portfolio management strategy," said Sylvain Vieujot, CEO of Equitativa, the REIT Manager.
With that insight, banks, insurance companies, warehouse lenders and other institutions can determine whether to buy, hold, originate, monitor, or sell a CRE loan as part of an active portfolio management strategy.
Considering this, companies are in need to build and maintain a robust patent portfolio management strategy to maximize profits and mitigate future monetary risks or loss.
Group 1 said that the disposals are consistent with its portfolio management strategy.

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