Portfolio Income

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Investment Income

The income one derives from capital gains, dividends, and other activities related to the purchase and sale of securities. This differs from wages and salary primarily in that one does not need to work for investment income. One can manage one's investments oneself, or one can hire a money manager to do it. Both individuals and companies can have investment income; indeed, a publicly-traded company must list its investment income on its balance sheet. Investment income is often taxed differently from other income. See also: Capital gains tax.
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Portfolio Income

Portfolio income is not passive income for the passive loss rules. Portfolio income includes dividends, interest, capital gains from property that produces portfolio income, and royalties.
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While portfolio income is resilient, the senior loan is highly leveraged, with a 69.7% loan-to-value ratio (LTV) and no scheduled amortisation.
Electing out of the self-charged interest rules might be appropriate if the member has plenty of passive income but needs portfolio income to be able to deduct investment interest expense.
Fitch also notes that other measures can be taken to ensure that there is no shortfall and that funding and the portfolio income are redeemed in full.
IN CASE YOUR RETIRED CLIENTS haven't reminded you lately, it's a tough environment for investors seeking portfolio income. According to the "Wall Street Journal," in late July, money market funds paid an average 0.40 percent.
The combination of higher tax rates and historically low interest rates has dramatically reduced portfolio income, making it much more difficult for investors to live off the income from their portfolios.
Holtzman says his firm is evaluating multiple strategies for clients who need portfolio income. These strategies include a mutual fund that uses a call-writing strategy, closed-end bond funds trading at discounts and bank loan funds.
ISLAMABAD -- We have revised upward our 2012 EPS from Rs7.7 to Rs9.3 after adjusting 2011 results and revision in our portfolio income. This does not include reversal in impairment on investment despite booming capital market.
One good sign is that bond portfolio income, on which disability insurers depend heavily, has remained positive.
Total Portfolio income is stable with full year 2010 Total Portfolio net operating income expected to be 1.0% to 1.5% higher than in 2009, and 0.5% to 1.0% higher than in 2008.
With prudent investment opportunities offering very low yields at levels insufficient to offset declining loan portfolio income, return on assets suffers, she added.
Although a small contributor to total sector income, investment portfolio income could introduce some volatility to individual Saudi banks.
Answer--Income from a passive activity is divided into passive income and portfolio income. Portfolio income includes interest, dividends, and investment capital gains or losses and is fully reportable by a taxpayer without the application of the PAL rules.

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