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The Fried Chicken with Salted Egg and the Grilled Porkchops are good with rice; the latter is served with a ketchup made with pineapple that is deliciously addicting.
From this perspective the opposition between porkchops and mother earth is dangerous nonsense, symptomatic of the Euroamerican separation of nature and culture--a separation that the idea of wilderness only reinforces.
Galdos regales his audience with a number of banquet scenes, from dinner at Jose Maria's, where a pregnant Lica indulges her cravings for pastry and coldcuts while the children fling porkchops dripping with tomato sauce at their father, to the travesty of a banquet chez Cindida, where sidra passes for champagne and a minuscule, dried-up piece of beef masquerades as filet a la Marichale.
I can remember cooking 20 to 24 porkchops at a time and making a 5-pound meatloaf to feed those three big guys and my husband,'' she said.
his own brother over porkchops one Sunday but yall up there, top of the
How did they eventually settle - pounds 290 in cash, six porkchops and a packet of sausages?