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Sunday's Allianz League semi-final loss to Cork means that the Ulster Championship opener in Ballybofey on May 17 now becomes Donegal's sole focus and McGee doesn't buy the poor mouth talk coming out of Tyrone.
Mary Davis was painted the quango queen and ordered: "Don't play the poor mouth.
In one sense the closest thing to Pale Fire in O'Brien's oeuvre is The Poor Mouth, which is presented as a text that has been received and edited by Myles na gCopaleen.
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Director Joseph Edmiston cries poor mouth because the City Council turned down the $82,000 request to remove the brush, and he can't spend the money they don't have.
Similarly, in The Poor Mouth, the presence of multiple
The bank came with the poor mouth claiming it couldn't cut penal interest rates but it could still manage to find [euro]1million for staff bonuses in the guise of commission.
The Poor Mouth (An Beal Bocht), was written in Gaelic and was not available to an English-speaking audience until 1973, thirty-three years after it was initially published.
And as our elected representatives played the poor mouth, bemoaning their slashed wages, they were shamelessly attempting to spin the lie that they were in the mire with us.
Among other titles, the firm published in 1973 The poor Mouth, a translation of O'Brien's Irish-language novel An Beal Bocht.
AMID all the poor mouth talk of recent days and weeks, it's time for a reality check and sense of perspective.
But the number of deaths was very small and are not big enough to say poor mouth hygiene directly causes cancer deaths.
Bord Gais is putting on the poor mouth, moaning about a challenging year for the energy sector.