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The second mate had crossed from the other side of the poop and might have been hanging over the rail for all we knew.
Directly I put my head out of the companion I saw the group of my two officers, the second mate barefooted, the chief mate in long India- rubber boots, near the break of the poop, and the steward halfway down the poop ladder talking to them eagerly.
That embodiment of jauntiness, Frenchy, still under the delusion that there was a "jump" left in him, had insisted on joining us; but mindful of discipline, had laid him- self down as far on the forepart of the poop as he could get, alongside the bucket-rack.
He looked like a frightful and elaborate scarecrow set up on the poop of a death- stricken ship, set up to keep the seabirds from the corpses.
She told the Press Association: "At one stage the dog poop problem was really bad.
Rival Hasbro, whose water-squirting game Toilet Trouble was a hit last year, stuck with the potty humor this year and released Don't Step In It, a game where players are blindfolded and have to avoid stepping in poop that's molded out of a clay-like substance.
Our whipped highlighter, aka poop highlighter, has become one of my top-selling items - out selling our trademarked lip composites.
She confronted the woman, asking, "Are you really taking a poop right here in front of my kids?
Commonly a healthy, typically developing boy stands and urinates in the toilet just fine, but sneaks off behind the sofa to poop.
Springfield residents can enter the contest, which wraps up Friday, by pledging to pick up their dog's poop - always.
Titled 'Unko Kanji Drill' (unko means poop in Japanese) book series, as per The Japan Times, it consists of six books that uses heavy doses of the word 'unko' to teach the 1,006 kanji necessary for elementary school.
The Poop Troop is part of a broader disease education initiative launched by Synergy, called Confront Constipation, designed to raise the understanding and increase dialogue on managing CIC.