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By reducing political violence peacekeeping missions help to create the stability which gives organised crime the security to flourish.
Similarly, Sudip Bandyopadhyay states that three questions have been allowed in Lok Sabha regarding political violence during the general elections.
As head of Global Political Violence and Hostile Environment Solutions, BjE[micro]rn Reusswig will oversee AGCS' global product offering for coverages such as terrorism and sabotage, terrorism liability, political violence as well as special contingency and other hostile environment solutions, including access to Worldaware services.
In 2019, it said more than two-thirds of all political violence in the Philippines 'thus far has consisted of violence against civilians.'
Otieno noted that although there has been no rampant cases of political violence in the area save for the one incident his officers are alert on the ground.
The causes of political violence include poor political orientation, poverty, lack of democratic culture, corruption, insecurity, inadequate voters' education and failure of the judicial system among others.
ACLED Research Director Roudabeh Kishi explained that while political violence decreased overall in volume, "it was also expanded."
In its July 2018 analysis, ACLED said recorded political violence, protests, and other non-violent events drastically increased in the Philippines after President Duterte assumed office on June 30, 2016, and declared his war on drugs.
According to InsuranceBusinessMag, Piers Gregory, head of terrorism and political violence at Chubb Limited, said, 'The threat of terrorism and political violence around the world is an issue which companies need to consider, both for the safety of their employees and customers, and also to ensure business continuity whenever possible.
Alongside its involvement in the Yemeni civil war, Saudi Arabia has been accused of being a leading sponsor of political violence in the UK and elsewhere.