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Inspector(s) of Election

The person(s) appointed by the Corporation to act as a judge on voting matters brought before a shareholder meeting. The inspector determines which proxies and ballots are in good form, and acceptable to be voted. They also count and record the votes, supervise and inspect the counting process and attest to the final results. They cannot be overruled on these matters, although they have no voice in the procedural aspects of the meeting itself.
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Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency, the police inspector said he decided to run because he was concerned about the Cyprus problem, adding that negotiations were going in the wrong direction for the past 44 years.
Police inspector Mohamed Sboui was killed and slaughtered in Jebel Jeloud, south of Tunis in May 2013.
Chief Police Inspector Ali Ekber BektaE- has become the Bilecik police chief.
Former police inspector, Mark Shepherd, is the new security manager at the Pyramids Shopping Centre in Birkenhead |
One of the problems for inefficient work of police inspectors is lack of office space and logistical support, including vehicles, fuel and communications equipment.
North Wales Police inspector Mark Davies confirmed that a man was up in the rafters and said he was not armed.
Summary: A man found shot dead alongside his female partner was a retired police inspector of 30 years' service, a detective said on Sunday.
South Sudan's Ministry of Interior has tasked the Police Inspector to tour all the nation's ten states of before the Christmas celebrations begin on December 24.
A FORMER police inspector has been jailed for six years after he admitted sexually touching a 13-year-old girl.
A POLICE inspector was ordered to use up holiday - then told he couldn't take the time off because there weren't enough cops.
About an hour later, gunmen shot dead a police inspector in the nearby city of Kandahar, local police said.
Summary: Laayun (MAP) - Polisario's police inspector Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud said that the rumors being spread about his possible imprisonment and interrogation will not shake his determination to continue the fight to defend Morocco's autonomy initiative and join his family.

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