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Assume that the fault occurrence x follows a Poisson distribution with parameter [[lambda].
We used [3-5] to evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme using a three-dimensional Markov chain based on the Poisson distribution for node distribution and velocity in a multi-channel MAC of the IEEE 1609.
X + 1) X(j) = X(j) + 1; % the Poisson variable end end clf % Compare it to the Poisson distribution, graphically.
infinity]} follows a compound Poisson process in which both the number of jumps and jump size follow Poisson distributions.
Particularly, let p be the Poisson distribution with mean [lambda].
We believe the proposed Bayesian classifier may also be extended to other pattern recognition problems with the probability density obeying the Poisson distribution.
Actually, nuclear disintegrations obey Poisson statistics, but if the number of observed events is large, the Poisson distribution is sufficiently approximated by a normal distribution.
The optimal parameters of the proposed plan can be determined plan for specified requirements under the conditions of gamma prior and Poisson distribution.
Also utilized in this study were various statistical methods, including least-square linear regression analysis, Fisher's exact test for 2x2 contingency tables, Spearman's rho, Kendall's tau, the Bernoulli process, and the Poisson distribution.