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2: The more important a firm is to state operations and economic and social stability, the later it will confront the point of inflection from bureaucratic control-based to relational corporate governance.
If we take an algebraic approach to finding the point of inflection, we could begin with the general logistic model.
We are getting close to what is the point of inflection in luxury consumption in India," said Vernet.
Miami is at a point of inflection, becoming a truly world-class destination.
is at point of inflection, a tipping point, emphasizing that for all of these issues, we have "got to do better job of government and business working together.
We believe we are at the peak in Semiconductor Timing right now, and that the revenues will fall until we deliver a new technology at the right point of inflection.
It brings together entrepreneurial executives and professionals under age 45 who have already achieved considerable success in their chosen fields and are at a point of inflection in their lives and careers.
We are clearly seeing a point of inflection that will fuel the growth of the next generation of virtual business solutions.