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Redeveloping in line with the plan will gain investors extra plot ratio.
The High Court here today set Sept 17 to hear an application by businessman Datuk Tan Eng Boon to postpone the hearing of his corruption case, which is to be heard jointly with former Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor's case pertaining to an application by a company to increase the plot ratio for development in Jalan Semarak.
"The proposed dwelling has a plot ratio of 21.7 per cent/78.3 per cent, which is commensurate with plot ratios formed within the proposed housing cluster."
The land lot has a total site area of 169,697 sq m and a plot ratio GFA of 312,908 sq m, and is planned for residential property development.
The new regulations allow construction on an increased plot ratio, from 1.2 to 1.65, to maximise the benefit from using the land.
With a plot ratio of 1.04, 836,000 square meters of low rise properties can be developed, enough land area for 5-8 years of development.
The resultant spatial quality and livable environment belies its 2.8 gross plot ratio. Tower to tower distances span up to 70m and over 70% of the units are afforded views of the pools or lush landscape.
On average in Phnom Penh standalone villas have a plot ratio of 1.2:1 In current market conditions developers require a plot ratio of over 10:1 to make the investment economically
The Authority will then collect the money owed in exchange of granting the company a new plot ratio.
By using the plot ratio, the housing sales area can be transformed into land selling area.
Dealing innovatively with Japan's strict plot ratio regulations, fujimoto has avoided the conventions of creating a courtyard or of setting a house as an isolated object within the site boundary.
A second observation concerns the surprisingly low plot ratio (ratio of total floor area to site area) of 3:1 across the site, perhaps reflecting the high proportion of open space (one third of the site) and retained historic structures.