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Germany's Pressehaus Stuttgart Druck GmbH recently installed the first of Kodak's new Generation News, a fully integrated thermal platesetter geared to newspaper productivity, quality, and automation requirements.
Fred Rosenzweig, EFI president and COO, added, "With today's emphasis on seamless workflow and enhanced productivity, Velocity OneFlow complements Presstek's leading line of Dimension platesetters.
Triple-I's 3850 imagesetter gave Autologic the basis for a better platesetter, which gave Agfa the basis for one of its current platesetter lines -- and the N90 became the basis for better plates, including a chemistry-free version of its current N92.
The violet computer-to-plate platesetter is currently the fastest in its class.
Built around the Harlequin RIP core technology from Global Graphics and the Adobe PDF Print Engine from Adobe Systems and FFEI, Xitron engineers continue to develop software for the graphic arts market, driving hundreds of different models of imagesetters, proofers, platesetters, inkjet printers, high-speed inkjet presses and digital presses.
We are small enough that we can't afford to have the platesetter go down.
Platesetter Design Equates to Energy and Dollar Benefits
Zero Hora, one of the largest newspaper publishers in Brazil, recently installed a GENERATION NEWS Platesetter and chose to run SONORA NEWS Plates for a prepress solution that provides quality, productivity, and reduced environmental impact.
Past solutions were workable, but were not able to drive the platesetters at full-rated speed, which seemed like a step backward.
Agfa Graphics showcased its :Advantage N series of platesetters for small to midsize newspapers as well as the :N92-VCF chemistry-free plate.
California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), in San Luis Obispo, has upgraded its digital imaging lab with an equipment donation from Kodak that included a Trendsetter 800 III Quantum Platesetter and a Prinergy EVO Workflow System.
Wuhan JinGang, the largest commercial printing company in Hubei Province, China, recently installed a KODAK TRENDSETTER 800 Platesetter, marking a significant milestone for Kodak as it is the company's 15,000th Thermal Computer-To-Plate (CTP) device installation to date.