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SOFMFD index successfully described the quantity and change of functional diversities of Phellodendron amurense communities which suggested that SOFMFD index can perfectly complete the evaluation of functional diversity and is fully usable in plant ecology. Although there are no generalized standards to evaluate a new method, it is an effective technique if a method can be used in describing ecological relations and can provide reasonable results [22, 23].
Andrew's lifelong research into plant ecology included investigating the writings of plant hunters, travellers, scientists in French and German, and he even taught himself Russian in order to read the literature on the plant ecological associations of the USSR where many good garden plants come from.
Ikram-ul-Haq said that the conference successfully featured five poster and 19 technical sessions wherein more than 360 research papers were presented on modern challenges related to Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Plant Physiology, Ethno-botany, Plant Ecology, Plant Physiology, Plant Anatomy, Biodiversity, Genetics, Plant Breeding, Plant Tissue Culture, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Plant Taxonomy, Paleo-botany and Mycology.
When in the backcountry of both protected and unprotected areas, I began to see the plant ecology of these wilderness regions in highly specific ways: the imagistic qualities of Lupine through snow, Indian Paintbrush and Monkshood climbing up the valley in mist.
Toru Nakashizuka, a professor of plant ecology at Tohoku University's Graduate School of Life Sciences, said Japan ''needs to get an agreement on the targets at all costs,'' while expressing hope that ''at least some form of agreement can be achieved'' in setting post-2010 goals for biodiversity preservation.
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(2005) lament this dissociation, expand the concern about absence of powerful generalizations to include all of ecology, and call for a refocusing of the field of plant ecology around a study of the ecology of vegetation change, by unifying succession ecology, invasion biology, global change ecology and gap/patch dynamics.
Sears, perhaps more than any other person, epitomized American plant ecology. In a professional career spanning almost 7 decades, he made major contributions to vegetation mapping, paleoecology and Pleistocene history, vegetation studies, conservation, human ecology and our use of land; and particularly, the varied roles of scientists in modern society.
Abella said that this new work adds to a changing view of competition in the field of plant ecology.