Plan provider

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Plan Provider

In IRAs and other retirement accounts, the investment company that manages the plan. That is, a brokerage that invests an IRA on behalf of its contributor is the plan provider for that account. A plan provider may be a brokerage, insurance company, mutual fund, or any other investment company.

Plan provider.

The plan provider of a retirement savings plan, such as a 401(k), 403(b), or 457 plan, is the mutual fund company, insurance company, brokerage firm, or other financial services company that creates, sells, and manages the plan your employer selects.

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Across all DC advisory market segments, proprietary TDF offerings established by the plan provider are recommended by 48% of advisers, while target-date funds offered by an external asset manager are recommended by 42%.
It's crunch time for defined-contribution plan providers.
NWPS) has acquired Seattle-based retirement plan provider Trautmann, Maher and Associates (TMA), the company said.
In two thirds of cases, the plan providers have initiated this discussion.
In today's economic environment, how can retirement plan providers help prepare plan sponsors and their participants for the future, while offering solutions for a secure retirement?
For a number of reasons, some 401(k) plan providers are turning down withdrawal requests from investors.
Raman Sanakaran, a director of Leeds-based health plan provider LHF, said: "Today's competitive and pressured working environment has made it difficult for anyone to speak up about an illness or take time off.
After some minor edits, they distribute their RFP to qualified plan and nonqualified plan providers alike, often with only a one-week turnaround deadline.
In fact, rollovers in general will add additional administration costs for plan providers.
Medicash is one of the largest health cash plan providers in the UK, with a turnover of pounds 22m, and has been in existence since 1871.
Several plan providers suggested that the SSA could develop a capacity to train plan provider representatives about Social Security.