Floor broker

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Floor broker

Member of an exchange who is an employee of a member firm and executes orders, as agent, on the floor of the exchange for clients.
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Floor Broker

A broker who is employed by a member firm of an exchange who executes trades on behalf of the member firm's clients. These clients make their orders to the member firm, which is also a brokerage, and these orders are relayed to floor brokers, who conduct the desired trades. Importantly, unlike floor traders, floor brokers do not trade on their own accounts.
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floor broker

A member of a securities exchange who executes orders on the exchange floor. For example, commission brokers and two-dollar brokers are floor brokers.
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Floor broker.

Floor brokers at a securities or commodities exchange handle client orders to buy or sell through a process known as a double action auction, in which brokers bid against each other to secure the best price.

The orders these brokers execute are sent to the floor of the exchange from the trading department or order room of the brokerage firms they work for. When a transaction is completed, the floor broker relays that information back to the firm, and the client is notified.

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