Pink Sheets

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Pink sheets

Refers to over-the-counter trading. Daily publication of the National Quotation Bureau that reports the bid and ask prices of thousands of OTC stocks, as well as the market makers who trade each stock.
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Pink Sheets

1. A daily quotation system for OTC stocks. Pink sheets include information such as the bids, asks, and the market makers giving them. Because companies listed on pink sheets are over-the-counter, they do not have to meet any listing requirements, and may therefore be quite small. They are published by the National Quotation Bureau and were originally printed on pink sheets.

2. Informal; the over-the-counter market.
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Pink Sheets

The registered name for a privately owned company that operates a centralized quotation service that collects and distributes market maker quotations for securities traded in the over-the-counter market. The service is named for the color of the sheets on which the National Quotation Bureau distributed bid and ask quotations for OTC securities. In 1999 Pink Sheets introduced its Electronic Quotation Service, which provides real-time quotes for OTC equities and bonds. See also OTC Bulletin Board, Yellow Sheets.
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Pink Sheets.

Pink Sheets LLC is a centralized financial information network.

It provides current prices and other information in both print and electronic formats to the over-the-counter (OTC) securities markets.

Its Electronic Quotation Service reports real-time OTC equity and bond quotations to market makers and brokers, and its website provides a broad range of historical and current data.

The name pink sheet derives from the pink paper on which the National Quotation Bureau originally printed information on OTC stocks. Comparable information on OTC bonds was printed on yellow paper.

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