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The running, the pad work, carrying people piggy-back up and down steps - the man's a masochist.
Cargo shift stresses encountered in ocean shipping, during rough weather, and stress encountered during piggy-back rail transit were additional factors.
The piggy-back heart allowed the patient's own heart to take a rest.
In my next volley of questions I attempt to piggy-back off what they have just learned and relate it to a more important example, namely people.
People like Scott and Larry have decided to tap into that and piggy-back a whole new computing architecture on top of it.
There are three basic state death tax systems currently in use: piggy-back, estate and inheritance.
He carried his wife piggy-back for 225 metres through waist-high water and over hurdles.
An RBDS encoder allows a radio station to piggy-back another stream of digital data onto its normal carrier wave.
Moving forward Sun Bergeron hopes that the transparent process and obvious benefits identified through the RFP resolution will inspire the other 26 eligible cities in Broward to piggy-back and realize multi-million dollar savings themselves.
LUIS LUIS SUAREZ'S UAREZ'S belated apology for belated apology for his latest biting incident has led to his latest biting incident has led to more headlines around the world - and more headlines around the world - and more companies trying to piggy-back it.
Spreader mt integrated digital piggy-back system (intermodal spreader), continuously for loading and unloading from 20 to 45 ISO-containers, swap bodies and trailers.
Tourism Ireland said it will piggy-back on the expected blockbuster's reach across India as part of a strategy to promote this country as a holiday destination.