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Pick-ups are bought by those who can take advantage of their business-orientated tax advantages, whilst also putting them to everyday on-road use, such as the school run or shopping.
The big thing for me is that D-Max range of pick-ups are tough because they are made by a company who only make pick-ups and not cars.
Where earlier a buyer would still have opted for a SUV because of the many interior features and other bells-and-whistles, the current crop of lifestyle pick-ups have completely bridged that gap," said Rajesh Krishnan, general manager for sales and marketing at Liberty Automobiles, which is all set to welcome the brand new Chevrolet Silverado over the coming days.
And the company is back in the UK spotlight with a bang, having launched the D-Max range of pick-ups to great acclaim.
It just goes to prove that when we see massive pick-ups thundering past with wild and worrying names such as Barbarian, Ram and Animal, Britain was doing very smart and stylish pick-ups like the Vanguard years ago and the market loved them.
Fairfax County, VA: Free curbside pick-ups run the first two weeks of January for trees smaller than eight feet.
With payloads of more than one tonne pick-ups are treated as light goods vehicles with a taxable flat rate of just pounds 500.
Under the clarified rules, some doublecab pick-ups - effectively miniature trucks - are classed as vans.
The pick-ups were also tested as a working vehicle including comparing towing capacity and engine capability, resulting in the Amarok as the overall winner.
In the UK the pick-up will be known as the Great Wall Steed
Bahrain 's distributors of Brilliance Jinbei mini buses and FAW Trucks have launched the new Zx Auto pick-up range in the kingdom.
THE appalling snowy and frosty weather in November and December has led to a sharp increase in the value of used 4x4, pick-up and double cab vehicles.