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RAM (Random Access Memory)

a COMPUTER memory device from which data can be read and on to which data can be written. The contents of such memory can be added to, or erased, by an operator. RAM is incorporated in microchips which allow the operative access to any part of the memory without having to move sequentially through the contents of the memory from start to finish.
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We know physical memory can be allocated by operating system with a balanced method.
In addition, authors in [24], [25] conducted a VoIP applications digital evidences recovering in computer systems and show that Skype information is recoverable from the physical memory. A forensic analysis of several instant messaging applications including (Skype and WhatsApp) was carried out in [26] but focused more on encryption algorithms used by these applications.
There are two ways to obtain the physical memory of the host machine: software-based approaches and hardware-based approaches.
This means that when the next SUPER program runs after the program in HYPER mode executes EXITHYPER, the actual physical memory that the SUPER mode sees will differ from the physical memory used by another program running in SUPER mode.
Memory de-duplication that has been used to reduce the load on physical memory, comes as a default feature in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems.
However, with typical enterprise data sets reaching terabytes or petabytes, exceeding physical memory capacity, working sets are "sharded" or broken apart and distributed on multiple machines to maintain appropriate speed.
For example, hardware-specific features on Intel's on-die integrated Processor Graphics Architecture, such as shared physical memory and zero copy buffer transfers, are programmable through the buffer allocation mechanisms in APIs such as OpenCL 2.0+ and DirectX11.2+.
Through all of our talks, however, we kept returning to the topic of navigating our newfound privilege as men who carry with us the emotional, mental, and physical memory of being perceived as women--a peculiar type of privilege that is both liberating and restrictive.
The new Samsung phone is very identical to its predecessor, Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) in terms of exterior look and internal components, but the only discernible difference between the two devices is that S3 Neo comes with dual SIM slots and boasts more physical memory (1.5GB) and Infrared Blaster (remote control feature).
These exemplify the operation of implicit skills based on physical memory and, therefore, are not impacted by the Distraction Theory of performance failure.
"That physical memory would stay in the body, my body, my character's body.

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