physical option

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Physical option

An option whose underlying security is a physical commodity that is not stock or futures. The physical commodity itself (a currency, treasury debt issue, commodity) - underlies that option contract. See also index option.
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Physical Option

An option contract on an asset that is an actual thing, as opposed to a stock or futures contract. Examples of underlying assets for physical options include commodities, currencies, and U.S. Treasury securities. Other than this feature, physical options are identical to other option contracts and can be used in a variety of option strategies.
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physical option

An option on a physical commodity, such as a currency, commodity, or U.S. Treasury debt, rather than on stock or futures.
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A 2016 study by Kasasa, a financial services company based in Austin, Texas, determined that 90 percent of young adults said a convenient location was important when choosing a bank or credit union, and 77 percent said they wanted banks with both online and physical options.
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