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Physical option

An option whose underlying security is a physical commodity that is not stock or futures. The physical commodity itself (a currency, treasury debt issue, commodity) - underlies that option contract. See also index option.

Physical Option

An option contract on an asset that is an actual thing, as opposed to a stock or futures contract. Examples of underlying assets for physical options include commodities, currencies, and U.S. Treasury securities. Other than this feature, physical options are identical to other option contracts and can be used in a variety of option strategies.

physical option

An option on a physical commodity, such as a currency, commodity, or U.S. Treasury debt, rather than on stock or futures.
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Offering year-round team sports for both boys and girls, Weslaco Softball/Baseball provides our local youth with a safe and healthy environment and with quality physical options that will help them develop into healthier and happier adults.
Generally I have two centre-forwards on the bench and I decided that I needed physical options rather than somebody like Brown, whose strengths are running in behind.
Unlike physical options, Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile leverages a user's existing smartphone; there's no extra physical hardware to buy and deploy.
JIM JEFFERIES: Called it right by filling his team with robust and physical options.
Af ter the Forest game, Trapattoni said it was important to have strong physical options in midfield next week considering Steven Reid's injury-enforced absence.
Few want to underscore the reality that, outside of guns, gates and guards, physical options to protect the system, until very recently, are quite limited.
The Company also stated that it has seen an increase by its members in the use of a number of sophisticated trading tools such as swaps, forward strip transactions, and physical options.
July 6 /PRNewswire/ -- It only took a few seconds to eliminate the 115-year history of Saint Joseph School as the Archdiocese of Joliet announced that unless the school came up with financial and physical options, it would close in June of 2010.
Allegro Coal integrates the entire operation capturing and executing purchases, sales, contracts, transportation, and storage, as well as exchanges and physical options.

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