tangible asset

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Tangible asset

An asset whose value depends on particular physical properties. These include reproducible assets such as buildings or machinery and non-reproducible assets such as land, a mine, or a work of art. Also called real assets. Converse of: Intangible asset
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Tangible Asset

In accounting, any asset that can be seen and touched. Tangible assets include things that can be reproduced, such as widgets or a widget factory, and things that cannot be reproduced, such as the land upon which the widget factory is built. Tangible assets are comparatively easy to price, and therefore they are often used to express the value of a company. However, because they do not include intangible but still valuable things like patents and brand recognition, they may not truly express a company's value. Less commonly, tangible assets are called hard assets. See also: Intangible Assets.
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tangible asset

An asset such as a building or piece of equipment that has physical properties. Also called hard asset. Compare intangible asset. See also net tangible assets per share.
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At that point, we just needed to work out the implementation details: what would happen to our MIS employees, how we would migrate the physical assets and what we would do about application development.
Pursuant to the agreement, REG Synthetic Fuels paid USD1.5m, plus certain expenses related to equipment preparation, to acquire various physical assets at the Columbus, MS plant, including a 12m gallon hydrotreating unit, distillation column and tankage.
Only 36% have a plan for complete loss of physical assets and workspace.
Valuing firms in informationbased or service economies is particularly difficult, because physical assets and other items that can been measured and detailed on balance sheets make up less of the overall picture.
Under the terms of the purchase, InfoSpace will not assume the materials or costs associated with Excite's physical assets, including hardware, employees or debt.
"We are shocked that this action was initiated only after our proposed equity partners and ACHE submitted our final Transfer of Physical Assets application to HUD," Lane wrote.
They also could make their offline channels available to Internet partners as a way to leverage their physical assets.
Mr Westbrook, who has vast experience of the international giftware and tableware markets, has bought the physical assets at the Brierley Hill site as well as the 250-year-old brand name - one of the most famous in glass-making history - for an undisclosed sum.
By using its unique Bar/Scan Asset Management System, Asset Inventories offers facilities managers a clearly organized, comprehensive picture of their physical assets - complete with photos, serial numbers, and detailed information about the make, model, color, size, and condition of each item.

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