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Icing Load Time Series Model Based on Phase-Space Reconstruction and Machine Learning.
(1), the main parameters that should be determined in the phase-space reconstruction method are the delay and the embedding dimension parameters.
The non-linear time series can be extracted from the chaotic system and the internal laws of the series can be reflected by the phase-space reconstructed.
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In this paper, we propose a phase-space based local image descriptor (PPD).
In 17 concise chapters and a remarkable collection of appendices be describes the Langevin equation, the fluctuation-dissipation relation, auto-correlation of velocity, Markov processes, the Fokker-Planck equation, the diffusion equation, diffusion in a finite region, Brownian motion, first-passage time, displacement phase-space Fokker-Planck equations, diffusion as a potential, diffusion in a magnetic field, Kubo-Green formulas, dynamic mobility, and the generalized Langevin equation.
2, we develop mathematical considerations on conservation laws showing how the presence of symmetries allows the integration of the dynamical systems, which means that the phase-space (and general solution) can be "split" in a multi-space of "integrated" components.
The function [PHI] ([E.sub.e]) includes normalization constants, phase-space factors, and standard Coulomb corrections.
Meyer says that one of these conditions (the "original phase-space volume") had to be precise to an accuracy of one part in ten billion multiplied by itself 123 times, an amount so great that it outnumbers the number of particles in the universe.
An interesting way to observe the energy evolution of an oscillating block is to examine its phase-space trajectory.