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Present Value

The worth of a future amount of money at specific point in time. If one expects an investment to result in a cash flow at a certain time in the future, calculating the cash flow's present value will help the investor decide whether the investment results in a real profit. Calculating the present value assumes that the investor knows both the future amount and the applicable interest rate or rate of return. One discounts the interest rate or rate of return from the future amount in order to arrive at the present value. Mathematically, this is expressed as:

Ct = C(1 + i)-t where C is money, t is a number of years, and i is the interest rate or rate of return.

Present value of money is important in calculating bond yields, the value of annuities, and many other transactions. It is also used in comparing the value of two amounts of money existing in different times. See also: Adjusted for inflation.


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Vigilare said its pharmacovigilance services complement WCG's existing portfolio of clinical research optimisation solutions.
Policy Board in addition to routine functions granted the approval of Pharmacovigilance Regulations, 2017 as recommended by the authority.
This shows the potential demand for implementing safety and pharmacovigilance services over the forecast period.
That is perhaps the reason why the Government of India, in a landmark decision, mandated pharmacovigilance a legal obligation for the pharmaceutical industry through a notification in March last year.
Leveraging deep industry knowledge, extensive experience with life sciences companies, and strong expertise in Pega[R] Platform, the underlying Pega technology that powers Pega[R] Pharmacovigilance and case management, Virtusa expects the AECP solution to increase productivity and lower costs of overall PV operations by 50-80 percent.
Every year workshops are conducted by pharmacovigilance cell for all health-care professionals, i.
Pharmacist Hussain al-Rumaimi, Director of Pharmacovigilance & Drug Information department at the MOH highlighted the Pharmacovigilance in the Sultanate in regard with the establishment of the National Pharmacovigilance Center, the Sultanate's Membership in the WHO PIDM and the challenges facing the center.
The questionnaire was based on previous studies undertaken on Pharmacovigilance and it was suitably modified for students.
To provide deeper insights into the pharmacovigilance market, the report has also been segmented by phase of drug development, type of reporting method and type of service provider.
Pharmacovigilance as described by the World Health Organization is "the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects, or any other drug-related problem.
As a result, it is hard for health authorities and professionals to monitor the use of such products, but increased pharmacovigilance awareness can help deter patients from obtaining such products online.
UKPRwire, Wed May 13 2015] According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research "Pharmacovigilance Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2014 - 2020", the global pharmacovigilance market was valued at USD 2,426.

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