human resource management

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human resource management (HRM)

The management of people in an organization. This term for people management is increasingly preferred to PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT. Operationally, human resource management (HRM) has a similar focus to personnel management: RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION, PAYMENTS SYSTEMS, TRAINING etc.

However, HRM is often seen to be qualitatively different to personnel management. The notion of people as a resource implies a sophisticated approach to getting the most out of this factor of production. This may include the nurturing of HUMAN CAPITAL, and may therefore involve a ‘people-centred’ approach to management. Some critics, however, see such an approach as manipulative and ‘hard-edged’. A further claim is that HRM has a closer link to BUSINESS STRATEGY than traditional personnel management, and is also more focused on achieving key business outcomes, such as profits. In some countries (though not generally the UK), HRM is contrasted with INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, and is seen as being anti-TRADE UNION. However, some critics argue that HRM is little more than personnel management with a trendy new name.

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the subject of the call for tender is the provision, Maintenance and provision of additional services for a personnel administration and accounting system (sap hcm).
in college student personnel administration from the University of Maryland in College Park.
Browse over 90 forms, letters, and articles covering a variety of topics such as partnerships, startups, hiring, training, personnel administration, and scheduling.
This guide helps assistant principals and principals understand the changing role of the assistant principal and the new leadership skills and competencies arising due to the demands for improved academic performance, as well as requirements in human resources administration, pupil personnel administration, and programs such as special education, student advocacy, competency-based administration, and school law.
HRM is moving away from traditional personnel administration and transitional roles which are increasingly outsourced.
Khan, the Managing Director is a civil engineer by profession and possesses an extensive experience comprising project management, corporate management, project monitoring and control, management information system, resource allocation, human resource development and personnel administration.
He covers the main features and records, pre-Qin royal power and post-Qin imperial power, the central decision-making system, the central government system, territorial administration, the surveillance system, the military system, and personnel administration.
In legal precedents, the Supreme Court has pointed out that the prohibition is meant to "ensure and promote the constitutional mandate that appointments in the Civil Service shall be made only according to merit and fitness and to provide within the public service a progressive system of personnel administration, and to adopt measures to promote morals.
During the event, certificates were handed out to students by QP administration director Ahmad Ali Abdulla al-Mawlawi, human resources manager Abdulla Omar Ismail al-Daf, personnel administration acting manager Tamader Abdulla S al-Khater, personnel administration (Mesaieed) head Nawaf al-Khalifa, and MIS headmaster Kevin John Massey.
The Ministry of Defense had earlier submitted the data regarding hundreds of victims to the State Personnel Administration.
Under the nine-year HR Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) contract, Logica will be working with Oracle and ADP to implement and run new payroll and personnel administration systems and processes for some 100,000 European employees of Ahold.
ADP said that by acquiring Byte it will expand its existing presence in Italy and will be able to deliver in-house services, personnel administration and outsourcing payroll services on the international market.

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