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personal computer (PC)

a small COMPUTER used as a desktop data processing facility in business and for personal use. In the office, PCs and desk-top workstations are often linked together in LOCAL AREA NETWORKS enabling them to share data and peripherals such as printers, fax machines, scanners etc. For many tasks the PC has replaced the large mainframe computer (see DOWNSIZING). See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.
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"With superior application and graphics performance, the HP VISUALIZE X-Class Personal Workstation enables our customers to achieve the best results in the shortest time period."
Personal workstations are necessarily distributed with the person and interconnected to one another forming a single, shared (work and files) but distributed computing environment -- the workstation environment.
the small window condition on the personal workstation was adjusted to hold about the same number of characters; it utilized a space 5 1/2 inches high by eight inches wide holding 22 lines of variable-width text.
LSI Logic Corporation (NYSE: LSI), Milpitas, Calif., has announced that Hewlett-Packard Company has selected LSI Logic's Nextreme(TM) RAID solution for use in their VISUALIZE Personal Workstations. HP VISUALIZE Personal Workstations are designed to meet the processing requirements of large, complex Windows NT-based applications that require a high-performance, fault-tolerant solution typically used for graphics, application performance and system designs.
HP VISUALIZE Personal Workstations continue to lead the competition in satisfying processing requirements of large, complex Windows NT(R)-based mechanical design automation (MDA) and digital content creation (DCC) applications.
Hewlett-Packard Company, has introduced the HP VISUALIZE P600 Personal Workstation. This addition to the Windows NT-based HP VISUALIZE Personal Workstation family demonstrates the company's strategy to deliver the latest Intel technology when it becomes available.
The new HP VISUALIZE Personal Workstation family will complement HP's broad line of workstation solutions, which include the HP VISUALIZE family of UNIX system workstations, and the industry-leading HP Kayak PC Workstations.
Dell Computer Corporation (NASDAQ:DELL) has claimed a share of the lead in the personal workstation market, entering into a "virtual tie" with Hewlett-Packard Company, according to preliminary estimates by International Data Corporation (IDC).
Why would the director of the FBI and the founder of Facebook resort to placing tape over the cameras and microphones at their personal workstations?
The data makes possible the discernment of several current and future trends, such as the likelihood of having reached the limit of densification for personal workstations, with the result being a greater emphasis on alternative spaces like private rooms for focus work and collaborative zones for small team meetings.

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