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personal computer (PC)

a small COMPUTER used as a desktop data processing facility in business and for personal use. In the office, PCs and desk-top workstations are often linked together in LOCAL AREA NETWORKS enabling them to share data and peripherals such as printers, fax machines, scanners etc. For many tasks the PC has replaced the large mainframe computer (see DOWNSIZING). See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.
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said Tuesday it was offering 4 billion yen (US$36 million, NT$1 billion) for the loss-making personal computer business of Toshiba Corp., giving rise to praise for its recovery under the control of the Foxconn Technology Group.
Sony unveiled plans in February to sell its personal computer business as part of a strategy to deal with its two most troubled electronics units, televisions and personal computers.
Salim Ziade, General Manager, HP PSG, Middle East, said any forthcoming decisions to spin off or sell the personal computer division of the company could take up to 12 to 18 months to complete.
The scientists used a computer model to forecast global distribution of discarded personal computers. It concluded that consumers will trash more computers in developing countries than in developed countries by 2016, with the trend continuing and escalating thereafter.
The typical personal computer is a mass of silicon, plastics, iron, aluminum, copper, lead and other materials including valuable metals, albeit in minute amounts.
SysMaster Corporation, a provider of VoIP, IPTV and wireless solutions for telecomms and service providers, has released its latest product, the Tornado M60 Digital Media Center Personal Computer.
Total number of personal computers in use in the United 231 million
* Hickory Chair is offering an IBM personal computer program to all of its retailers called "HOTS," short for Hickory On-line Telecommunications Sales.
The research firm IDC (headquartered in Framingham MA USA), which specializes in the ITC area, issued a news release in late September 2005 announcing the results of a recent study of the personal computer market in the region that spoke of "strong performance" in the second quarter 2005.
It can be connected to a regular personal computer and can undertake a wide range of functions through its software, depending on the user's needs.
The survey said many companies updated their personal computers at their offices while the tax system aimed at promoting IT investment at small and midsized firms has boosted purchases of hardware and software at the firms.
The system allows residents to monitor surveillance cameras of certain public areas from their personal computers, protects important zones both inside and outside of the building from suspicious activity, digitally stores high quality video on a network, creates the ability to easily search video clips of an event with the authorities and the ability to use digital wireless technology for security throughout the building.

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