Personal Property

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Personal property

Any assets other than real estate.
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Personal Property

Any property other than real estate. Personal property includes vehicles, computers, furniture, televisions, and so forth. Personal property may be used as collateral on a loan, but it is considered less reliable collateral than real estate because the borrower could default on the loan and then steal or hide the personal property. Obviously, this is impossible with real estate.
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personal property

Any property except for real property. Personal property may consist of physical objects, or it may be intangibles such as copyrights, patents, or securities. Personal property is also called personalty.

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Personal Property

Generally, all property other than real estate.
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The problem arises for businesses that were not as careful as they should have been to differentiate which sorts of personal property went on Schedule C (Machinery, Tools & Patterns) or Schedule D (Furniture & Fixtures).
His real properties remain pegged at P38.3 million while his personal property rose to P67.
In accordance with the applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and existing caselaw, the proceeds from the sale of the personal property shall be distributed as follows until exhausted: (1) first, to satisfy any allowed costs and expenses of sale, as determined by subsequent order of this court; (2) second, to Virginia National until the commercial loan obligations secured by the personal property are satisfied; (3) third, to the United States until the federal tax liabilities subject to the notices of federal tax liens are satisfied; and (4) fourth, the balance, if any, to the Parkers.
They could still be considered business personal property under the commercial property policy (unless wording in the policy otherwise excludes it).
The impact and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on the city of New Orleans has several implications for real estate and personal property taxes in cities prone to natural disasters.
He said Walmart paid $75,548 in personal property taxes and $112,107 in real estate taxes in fiscal 2011.
Adjustments identified through this process are subsequently applied to each location's documentation of assets rendered on the original personal property tax return, thereby removing some assets from the return and reducing liability.
Army Claims Service at Fort Meade, Md., spoke on the role of his office, which has seen an 80 percent decline in personal property claims in the past two years since service members began submitting claims directly to transportation service providers.
Personal property warehouses must be maintained in a manner that will reasonably protect the stored property against damage.
Personal property is basically everything else--the possessions you bring into the structure or take with you when you vacate.
Business personal property--Personal property owned and used in the business of the named insured, including personal property of others in the care, custody or control of the named insured.
* Tangible personal property consumed in manufacturing that becomes an ingredient or component part of the manufactured item

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