Personal Property

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Personal property

Any assets other than real estate.

Personal Property

Any property other than real estate. Personal property includes vehicles, computers, furniture, televisions, and so forth. Personal property may be used as collateral on a loan, but it is considered less reliable collateral than real estate because the borrower could default on the loan and then steal or hide the personal property. Obviously, this is impossible with real estate.

personal property

Any property except for real property. Personal property may consist of physical objects, or it may be intangibles such as copyrights, patents, or securities. Personal property is also called personalty.

Personal Property

Generally, all property other than real estate.
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The impact and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on the city of New Orleans has several implications for real estate and personal property taxes in cities prone to natural disasters.
Pupka, town assessor, said the loss of personal property tax from Walmart this fiscal year "will push the tax rate up," but only a little, to make up the difference.
Williams also answered a question concerning whether the Defense Personal Property Program would be outsourced in coming years.
Personal property warehouses must be maintained in a manner that will reasonably protect the stored property against damage.
5 years, is broken down into its components between Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 1250 real and IRC Section 1245 tangible personal property.
For a business enterprise (real estate based or other) that requires personal property, removing either the personal property or the business intangibles might greatly harm the enterprise's ability to generate the full income stream and perhaps even endanger its prospects for continuing as a going concern.
Section 1031(h)(2)(A) provides that personal property used predominantly within the U.
Insurance that reimburses clients for the full replacement value of personal property, instead of its depreciated value, also is important.
taxes on the transfer of * All real and personal property situated in the United States.
If the lease does not require insurance, include the equipment in the limit under Personal Property of Others.
The focus of the special rule is on "personal" services and not on other type of service, such as a service that may include the use of tangible or intangible personal property.
Effective immediately, this policy update establishes the requirement to apply UID to existing personal property items in inventory and operational use, that is, legacy items.

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