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Personal Allowance

1. In the United Kingdom, income that is not taxed because it falls below the level at which income is taxed. For example, if one has an income of 6,000 pounds and a personal allowance of 5,000 pounds, one only pays taxes on the final 1,000 pounds. See also: Personal exemption.

2. See: Alimony.
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personal allowance

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Thousands of UK nationals who are living overseas and are regarded as non-resident in the UK for the whole of a UK tax year could lose their entitlement to the UK personal allowance in the event of a hard Brexit as they would no longer be an EU / EEA national, said an industry expert.
His full personal allowance for the year is PS12,500, so he has plenty of spare allowance to transfer PS1,250 to his wife.
How are couples treated for the purposes of the personal allowance? A.
MARRIAGE ALLOWANCE MARRIED couples can benefit as this allowance lets you transfer PS1,150 of your personal allowance to your husband, wife or civil partner if they earn more than you.
"But, despite this concession, my wife's income is still PS3,000 below the Personal Allowance cut-off.
This nil savings rate is however proportionately reduced where nonsavings income such as earnings or pension income exceeds the Personal Allowance.
But Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls said: "The problem with the increase in the personal allowance to take people out of tax is it only applies to people on middle and upper incomes because most lower income people don't pay tax.
Awareness was particularly low among people on lower incomes, the group that the personal allowance benefits the most.
CROSS-BORDER shopping in countries with significant passenger travel flows into the European Union (EU) should increase through more liberal personal allowances for duty-free or -paid purchases.
HM Revenue and Customs has announced the effects of changes to personal allowances, increased by means of compensation for the abolition of the 10p tax rate.
VALE of Glamorgan councillors claimed nearly pounds 600,000 in personal allowances and other expenses in the last financial year, according to figures just released.

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