perpetual bond

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Perpetual bond

Nonredeemable bond with no maturity date that pays regular interest rates indefinitely.

Perpetual Bond

A bond in which the issuer does not repay the principal. Rather, a perpetual bond pays the bondholder a fixed coupon as long as he/she holds it. Prices for perpetual bonds vary widely according to long-term interest rates. When interest rates rise, perpetual bonds fall and vice versa. Perpetual bonds are most common in the United Kingdom, where they were used originally to pay for the military.

perpetual bond

See consol.
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73 times following the successful placement of the company s perpetual debentures at the end of October (based on September financial results notionally adjusted with these proceeds).
The company has also prepared and elevated a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document on the perpetual debentures.
Based on the structure of IVL s perpetual debentures, the debentures were rated A- by TRIS Rating, a local credit rating agency, while IVL has a company rating of A+.
Approximately 48% of outstanding Perpetual Debentures exchanged into new senior secured notes maturing in 2019, resulting in a reduction of CEMEX's overall indebtedness (including Perpetual Debentures) of approximately U.
277% Fixed-to-Floating Rate Callable Perpetual Debentures who elected to receive such notes will be calculated at an exchange rate of U.
75% Notes due 2014 ("Eurobonds") and outstanding series of Perpetual Debentures for new senior secured notes to be denominated in Dollars or in Euros.
277% Fixed-to-Floating Rate Callable Perpetual Debentures (ISIN: XS0300179198; Common Code: 030017919) issued by C-10 EUR Capital (SPV) Limited and held by the investor (including accrued interest thereon) for U.
Total debt plus perpetual notes decreased US$1,581 million, reflecting prepayments under the Financing Agreement, a positive conversion effect during the quarter, as well as a reduction in debt resulting from the exchange of a substantial portion of our perpetual debentures for new senior secured notes.
437 million during the current quarter, as a result of the recently completed exchange of the company's outstanding perpetual debentures for U.