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President Obama clearly loves to line up CEOs to do the perp walk into the West Wing and then lecture them on how much they pay their employees or how much interest they charge on credit cards.
Nobody is saying that disappointing earnings, or aborted IPOs, or catastrophic mergers, or senior management doing the perp walk are cause to break out the Veuve Clicquot.
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, known more or less affectionately as SOX, was more than a response to the parade of nice suits doing the perp walk night after night on the news.
But what the Republicans really want to do is take the Senate bill on a perp walk through the red states, relishing the catcalls denouncing it as ''amnesty'' and using the hearings to milk whatever anti-immigrant resentment they can find or drum up for the benefit of their candidates.
So deep that the best news the Republicans can look back on this fall was that their House majority Leader avoided a nationally televised perp walk by surrendering to Houston authorities on his own.
He pied not guilty, was handcuffed and paraded in front of reporters in the traditional perp walk.
The perp walk both publicizes the police's crime-fighting efforts and provides the press with a dramatic illustration to accompany stories about the arrest.
Imitators of the footballer's perp walk have run the gamut from adults, to teens, and even to infants.
He was escorted in handcuffs, disheveled, with unkempt hair, past a phalanx of video cameras--what cops call a perp walk.
In France, where its sophisticated citizenry tends to prize privacy and frown on unsavory revelations, much hand wringing is under way because the garish American police took Strauss-Kahn on a perp walk, like he was some sort of, er, criminal.
Hilton avoided the perp walk but still had to make a cameo at the cop shop.