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But going after Sanchez or Gonzales for perjury is the least of it.
In particular, apart from the existing requirement for a corporate officer to sign a return under penalties of perjury, the internal control requirements mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 over financial matters (which include the provision for taxes), as well as the enhanced tax return disclosure rules and penalties for non-disclosure, advance the goals of transparency.
Herbert McCall, formerly the city's commissioner of administrative services, was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice.
Suzuki has become the second lower house member ever to face a perjury complaint and could face up to 10 years in prison under the Diet testimony law if found guilty.
I am willing to testify, if necessary,'' Estrada told reporters after pre-trial proceedings on the perjury case at the Sandiganbayan antigraft court.
He was indicted for perjury when he denied soliciting and receiving financial contributions for White's 1979 re-election campaign.
Although numerous rules, commentaries and case law provide some guidance on the client perjury situation, they also evidence the puzzle within those rules.
This well-supported and articulate decision by Judge Shatford marks the culmination of a highly complex four year trial and resulted from a Herculean effort to uncover Kadisha's perjury, backdating of documents and embezzlements as a trustee for personal gain, without regard to the welfare of the beneficiaries," said Samuel Krane of Krane & Smith in Encino, the lead trial attorney, who, along with Linda Rottman of Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps represented, Dafna Uzyel and her two children, Izzet and Joelle.
The Office of the Special Prosecutor filed nine counts each of perjury and graft against Hagedorn for his failure to declare 59 residential, agricultural, and commercial properties, as well as 45 vehicles (including motorcycles, luxury vehicles such as Volvo, Toyota Land Cruiser, BMW, and other sports utility vehicles).
Judge Lord Burns ruled the Crown had not shown Coulson's evidence in the Sheridan trial had been relevant to the case - regardless of whether he lied or not - and therefore failed to meet the legal definition of perjury.
Mr Coulson was charged by Strathclyde Police over allegations that he committed perjury during the trial of former MSP Tommy Sheridan.