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Alternatively, the trial court may strike testimony or pleadings, or hold the perjurer in contempt.[4]
To swear (by Hermes no less) that one is a perjurer presents an amusing logical dilemma (can we really believe him?), but at least here the Sausage Seller seems to be telling the truth, since he later boasts of his ability to steal meat by hiding it in his rump and then swearing `by the gods' he doesn't have it (423 ff.).
DISGRACED perjurer Lord Archer will be stripped of his peerage under proposals for House of Lords reform announced by the government today.
So being a totally self-serving woman, she stays with this liar, this cheat, this perjurer, and tries to talk down his crimes and his behaviour as if they were of no importance.
And when we catch one, he can expect no mercy, which means four years in prison for a perjurer like Archer.
Judge Timothy Pontius branded him a "blatant perjurer'' and also accused he and Venables of "deliberately and dishonestly misleading the jury".
a deluded jury into a verdict in direct opposition to the strongest evidence; or of the effrontery with which he had, by repeated insults, thrown the faculties of a bona fide witness into a state of confusion, which had caused him to be taken for a perjurer, and as such, disbelieved.
In the worst-case scenario, according to the law, where an innocent person has been executed on the basis of false evidence, the perjurer himself can be sentenced to death.
Community campaigner Alan Wyllie said the convicted perjurer's supporters are trying to smear his protest group.
CONVICTED perjurer Tommy Sheridan will be released from prison today having served his time and paid his debt to society.
Call me old fashioned if you will, but I feel the words "Jeffrey Archer" should always be preceded by the phrase "convicted Tory perjurer".
To call all of this 'jumping up and down a great deal' about the Kurds and to compare her to the convicted perjurer Jeffrey Archer is nothing short of outrageous.