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The defendant banks are remarketing agents, hired to perform periodic rate resets and to exercise best efforts to remarket bonds, according to the complaint.
Once the plan is approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC), 80% of eligible costs can be recovered using a periodic rate adjustment mechanism.
Putrajaya pays concessionaires hundreds of millions to depart from the periodic rate increases stated in their contracts.
"Periodic rate adjustments allow us to continue making critical investments in water and wastewater plants, pumps and pipelines that help to enhance quality, service reliability, and fire protection for customers," said Cheryl Norton, president of Missouri American Water.
Next comes the GetExcelPMT function declaration, specifying the same five parameters that are used in Excel's PMT function: periodic rate, number of periods, present value, future value, and payment type.
The International Chamber of Commerce's (ICC) arbitral tribunal in Singapore has ruled that Maynilad is entitled to just compensation from the Philippine government for its multibillion-peso foregone revenues, resulting from the refusal of MWSS in the past administration to grant its periodic rate adjustments as so provided in the 1997 concession agreement.
In their 1997 concession contracts with government, both concessionaires were assured reasonable returns on their investment as well as periodic rate adjustments.
This provides a dilemma for firms who have historically relied on periodic rate increases as a financial growth strategy.
This CD does not pay a periodic rate of interest or annual percentge yield.
This measure allows insurers to continue to use for the next 2 years periodic rate changes on a file-and-use basis, as long as the rate falls within the 6 percent flex band.
The proposed rule would prohibit "any person from making any material misrepresentation in any commercial communication regarding any term of any mortgage credit product." For example, it bans misrepresentations about the annual percentage rate or periodic rate.
For example, the periodic rate (y or r) for a treasury bond is the annual rate (Y or R) divided by two, and the periodic rate for a mortgage is the annual rate divided by 12.