performing loan

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Performing Loan

A loan that is not in or near default. According to the International Monetary Fund, a performing loan is any loan in which: interest and principal payments are less than 90 days overdue; less than 90 days' worth of interest has been refinanced, capitalized, or delayed by agreement; and continued payment is anticipated. All conditions must be present for a loan to be performing. However, the specific definition is dependent upon the loan's particular terms.

performing loan

As defined by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, a loan that is less than 90 days past due, has not been placed on nonaccrual,or is not in workout status.

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There are periods when the amount of non performing loans expands and then it shrinks.
With the induction of democratic rule in 2008 non performing loans (NPL) went up from Rs359 billion in 2008 to Rs556 billion in 2010 recording an increase of 55% within a short period of two years.
Non performing loans have been hurting small and medium sized banks more because their spreads were lower, he said.
As confirmation that the seniors housing and care industry is continuing on its road to recovery, the percentage of reported performing loans were the best ever during the first quarter of 2005.
1 trillion yen in performing loans and nearly 100 billion yen in so-called second-category loans, or loans that require diligent monitoring or caution in recollection, they said.
The Co-op decided to reduce the lending rates on performing loans as follows:
GE confirms its commitment to the Non Performing Loans sectors in Italy by acquiring, through its subsidiaries GE Real Estate Italla and GE Corporate Financial Services("GE"), and in partnership with Pirelli RE/Calyon, a portfolio of non-performing loans originated by Banca Antonveneta and Interbanca.
01% of total performing loans, an improvement from 0.

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