Performance measurement

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Performance measurement

Calculation of the return a money manager realizes over some time interval.

Performance Measurement

Any of many different mathematical measures to evaluate how well a company is using its resources to make a profit. Common examples of performance measurement include operating income, earnings before interest and taxes, and net asset value. It is important to note that no one measure of performance should be taken on its own. Rather, to arrive at a true sense of how a company is doing, one must use as many different measures as possible together.
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With the adoption of Performance Measurement Framework, the SAI Pakistan will not only measure its own performance but will also be able to participate in its own Peer Reviews and External Reviews as well as peer reviews and external reviews of other SAIs.
The question is why the performance measurement has become such an important topic in recent years.
Secondly, performance measurement is utilized to explain or demonstrate the performance achieved by a program.
Obviously, this kind of commitment requires that executives, managers, staff, and elected officials understand and use performance measurement.
Performance measurement done in this mode has no informational value to the citizens.
As more companies use performance measurement systems, someone within the company--or advising it--will be needed to assist in their design and implementation.
The literature discussing specific technical competencies for performance measurement is surprisingly limited, although this aspect is mentioned in older literature (Pressman and Wildsavsky 1973; Sabatier and Mazmanian 1979).
Following a brief presentation of statistics and cases that illustrate expanding performance measurement initiatives in the public sector, the book suggests that while it no longer can be asserted that government productivity is unmeasurable, substantive use of the reported measures in decision-making processes is lacking.
Every enterprise has the potential to be perfectly designed to achieve the results it attains, and performance measurements embedded in the company's structure are what drive management's behavior to achieve them.
A balanced performance measurement system (often referred to as a balanced scorecard) is a set of quantifiable business measurements derived from an organization's strategies, goals and objectives.

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