Performance index

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Performance index

A risk-adjusted measure of how well a portfolio has performed.

Performance Index

Any measure of the performance of a portfolio or fund, with adjustments made for how risky it is.
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The SS&C GlobeOp Hedge Fund Performance Index offers a unique reflection of the return on capital invested in funds.
Researchers compiled the 2015 E360 Performance Index with data from privately-held U.
Alabama (13-1), which won the BCS national championship last season, also topped the final UPS Team Performance Index of the season last year with a TPI rating of 130.
The environmental performance index was developed in 2002 by Yale University and Columbia University in collaboration with the European Commission and the World Economic Forum.
How to use a Key Performance Index (KPI) to put data into a context that is more aligned with organizational goals
The Performance Index is designed to instantly identify areas for opportunity and attention within an organization.
The authors then compared the Globalization Index with the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) developed by the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy and Columbia University's Center for International Earth Science.
The Trade Performance Index ranks the export performance of 184 countries in 14 export sectors, placing export sectors in all countries on a global competitiveness ladder.
The Performance Index in an Expert System Framework
Performance relative to the provincial mean is reflected in the calculation of the hospital performance index (HPI).
announced the creation of the Salomon-Levy Commercial Mortgage Performance Index (S-LCMPI), designed to measure the investment performance of commercial mortgage loans.
The nonfinancial performance index proposed in this article derives its mechanism from a technique the authors called the objectives matrix approach.

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