Performance index

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Performance index

A risk-adjusted measure of how well a portfolio has performed.

Performance Index

Any measure of the performance of a portfolio or fund, with adjustments made for how risky it is.
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The SS&C GlobeOp Hedge Fund Performance Index is an asset-weighted, independent monthly window on hedge fund performance.
Overall, little-known Sing'ore Girls' High School in far-flung Elgeyo-Marakwet County was the best performing school this year, attaining a performance index of 69.
Yan and Liu (2012) proposed the product life obey index distribution of the fixed number of censored data under the lifetime performance index of P value test program, and take the example to illustrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the method.
3 percent return, resulting in a stock performance index of 48.
The E360 Performance Index identified the "Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America" on the basis of growth, resilience and overall value they bring to their industries.
The EA SPORTS Player Performance Index is the Barclays Premier League's official statistical index of all 20 Barclays Premier League teams.
According to UPS, its UPS Team Performance Index for basketball is a data index that will comprehensively measure offensive and defensive efficiency for all 345 NCAA Division I men's and 340 NCAA Division I women's basketball teams.
Zaini Ujang, head of Malaysia's environmental performance index team, said the south-east Asian country was behind only New Zealand and Japan in the Asia Pacific and was ranked 25th among 132 countries around the world.
Recommendations Buy DJ Decks performance index 1pt at 32 Sporting Index Buy Todd In The Hole performance index 0.
The 2010 global environmental performance index ranks 163 countries on 25 performance indicators tracked across ten policy categories covering both environmental public health and ecosystem vitality.
Summary: Tunisia has been ranked first at Maghreb level by a survey carried out by the World Bank on the logistics performance index and 60th at world level out of 150 countries.

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