Performance evaluation

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Performance evaluation

The assessment of a manager's results, which involves, first, determining whether the money manager added value by outperforming the established benchmark (performance measurement) and, second, determining how the money manager achieved the calculated return (performance attribution analysis).

Performance Evaluation

A comparison of one money manager's performance to a group of comparable money managers. This is done periodically to maintain competitiveness and to judge a particular manager's performance. Performance evaluation judges managers based on the return he/she made for clients relative to his/her peers and on how the manager did so. Managers who do well during performance evaluations are rewarded with raises, promotions, and bonuses. Managers who do not do as well are passed over for these things and may be eventually fired. See also: Evaluation period, Manager universe (benchmark).
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The court ordered that performance evaluation reports in respect of the petitioner be written till April 30 and legal formalities be met.
Certainly, it is clear that there has been improvement in many categories," the closing commentary on the town administrator's latest performance evaluation says.
The following sections discuss several of the strengths of performance evaluation systems highlighted by respondents, such as open-ended questions and increased communication with management.
Whereas performance evaluation consists of various methods aiming to appraise employees' performance within a certain period of time, performance evaluation systems (PES) are, rather, control systems created by organizations and composed of control standards, measurements, and corrective actions (Newman, Warren, & McGill, 1987).
Upon successful completion of this performance evaluation Shaheen is expected to purchase the installed unit and a further 11 STAR-ISMS systems for the remainder of its fleet.
The Bureau of Human Resources is also gathering user requirements for Senior Executive Service employees and managers in preparation for their August 2008 performance evaluation cycle.
In case you missed it, we talked about using the performance evaluation to reinforce the organization's goal of having recovery-oriented programs.
Key words: performance management, performance evaluation, evaluation results
The lab can be used for structured testing applied to core sand analysis, molding sand analysis and casting performance evaluation.
New hires, around the time of their first performance evaluation, can then choose a mentor at the firm.
For graduate students and industry professionals in computer architecture, computer scientists and electrical engineers working in the US review a number of performance evaluation and benchmarking techniques currently being used in computer architecture research and development.
An institution's most recent CRA performance evaluation is a particularly important consideration in the applications process because it represents a detailed, on-site evaluation of the institution's overall record of performance under the CRA by its appropriate federal supervisor.

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