Performance evaluation

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Performance evaluation

The assessment of a manager's results, which involves, first, determining whether the money manager added value by outperforming the established benchmark (performance measurement) and, second, determining how the money manager achieved the calculated return (performance attribution analysis).

Performance Evaluation

A comparison of one money manager's performance to a group of comparable money managers. This is done periodically to maintain competitiveness and to judge a particular manager's performance. Performance evaluation judges managers based on the return he/she made for clients relative to his/her peers and on how the manager did so. Managers who do well during performance evaluations are rewarded with raises, promotions, and bonuses. Managers who do not do as well are passed over for these things and may be eventually fired. See also: Evaluation period, Manager universe (benchmark).
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The court ordered that performance evaluation reports in respect of the petitioner be written till April 30 and legal formalities be met.
Certainly, it is clear that there has been improvement in many categories," the closing commentary on the town administrator's latest performance evaluation says.
To implement the Performance Evaluation Model, HUD delivered its data set and REO vendor requirements to Walzak Consulting to plug into the model, creating a unique monitoring tool for the M&M III program.
This performance evaluation process essentially can be captured by the phrase Get-Give-Merge-Go.
The degree to which the objectives are translated into reality can be known through the process of performance evaluation, which within the context of performance management can provide an elaborate framework to assess the achievements against the agreed objectives.
The most recent CRA performance evaluation ratings for these banks are as follows: Associated Bank Chicago--"satisfactory" rating from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, as of December 1, 2003; and Associated Bank Minnesota, National Association--"satisfactory" rating from the OCC, as of December 6, 2004.
Perhaps these new programs are not the traditional performance evaluation tools that bureaucrats are accustomed to, but they provide real data, in real time to produce real results,'' Hahn said.
Testing involves a combination of three methods: 1) The use of calibrated samples, 2) the use of a repeatability analysis on actual spot-welds, and 3) performance evaluation of the fitting algorithms used in the device.
Because the performance evaluation system is well defined and staff members understand what is expected of them, "ultimately, the process is going to be automatic and simple to use," says Comeau.
It can be used to discover the extent to which existing performance evaluation procedures incorporate fairness and to identify what aspects are most important to a particular workforce.
Department of State for exemplary work on a similar tool developed for the Office of Performance Evaluation that was designed to effectively develop leadership and management skills among the State Department's Foreign Service employees all over the world.
Managers provide employee feedback on a daily basis, so the performance evaluation period (if you could even call it that) is used to help employees form an action plan and establish future goals.

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