Performance measurement

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Performance measurement

Calculation of the return a money manager realizes over some time interval.

Performance Measurement

Any of many different mathematical measures to evaluate how well a company is using its resources to make a profit. Common examples of performance measurement include operating income, earnings before interest and taxes, and net asset value. It is important to note that no one measure of performance should be taken on its own. Rather, to arrive at a true sense of how a company is doing, one must use as many different measures as possible together.
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Overall, the association between meeting performance measures and risk of hospitalization varied depending on whether or not individuals had a history of prior suicide attempts.
Among the findings regarding performance measures and their impact on the company, in general, incentive plans had changed as follows:
Health care providers can now make use of 13 performance measures with which to assess adult patients' risk for cardiovascular disease.
Overall, the article supports two main conclusions: that properties of performance measures are important to the balancing and strength of incentives, and that incentive plans are systems of implicit and explicit instruments that are meant to work together.
The AICPA has announced the awards of grants for research on performance measures as part of a program in collaboration with the American Accounting Association Management Accounting Section (The CPA Letter, Aug.
An increasing proportion of executive pay is now performance-related and companies are applying more stringent and bespoke performance measures, not just linking it to total shareholder return.
Mean flow time, maximum flow time, mean tardiness and maximum tardiness performance measures are considered for performance evaluation.
Properly constructed performance measures describe targeted outcomes in both quantitative and qualitative terms, permitting a fair and objective assessment of performance as an organization moves from its current state to its desired state.
The CCA Community has a number of resources to help programs, including detailed task guidance for all the DoD 5000 CCA information requirements (such as outcome-based performance measures, post-implementation reviews, and the IT Registry).
Performance measures must reflect the key process characteristics of the redesign.

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