Performance measurement

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Performance measurement

Calculation of the return a money manager realizes over some time interval.

Performance Measurement

Any of many different mathematical measures to evaluate how well a company is using its resources to make a profit. Common examples of performance measurement include operating income, earnings before interest and taxes, and net asset value. It is important to note that no one measure of performance should be taken on its own. Rather, to arrive at a true sense of how a company is doing, one must use as many different measures as possible together.
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As the economy continues to change, creating new financial, operational and market challenges, having the right performance measurements are a necessity if a company intends to maintain control, respond to challenges and improve performance.
According to Artley, Ellison & Kennedy (2002), Treasury Board of Canada (2000) and OECD (2007), most American state governments have performance measurements and planning regimes, as do most OECD countries.
The AICPA has long advocated for disclosure of non-financial data, including performance measurements and more forward-looking information to satisfy these unmet needs.
The conclusion is that it is very important for evaluators and other producers of performance measurements to be explicit to the extent that stakeholders and decision makers are aware of the political economy model upon which any performance measurement enterprise is founded.
When you change old performance measurements, change old systems, or look at the business from a different light, there's often resistance.
Keynote is The Internet Performance Authority due to the company's global infrastructure of over 1,600 measurement computers in more than 50 cities worldwide that capture and store on a daily basis over 40 million Internet performance measurements, frequent media citations quoting Keynote's Web performance data and analysis and the company's growing range of market-leading Web performance indices for vertical markets (http://www.
Every enterprise has the potential to be perfectly designed to achieve the results it attains, and performance measurements embedded in the company's structure are what drive management's behavior to achieve them.
Traditionally, the impetus for new types of performance measurements like these has come from operating managers on the shop floor.
The integration of Keynote's 'outside-in' performance measurements with HP OVTA allows users to factor in the impact of the Internet when monitoring and diagnosing application performance problems from an end-to-end perspective, helping lower the mean time to repair and improving the quality of service.
The Keynote brand is recognized as The Internet Performance Authority because of the large number of Internet performance measurements its global infrastructure of over 1,600 measurement computers in 50 cities worldwide captures and stores on a daily basis (over 40 million at last count); frequent citations in the mass media regarding Web site and Internet performance; and its broad and growing range of market-leading Internet performance indices for various vertical markets.
With this integration, Performance Scoreboard customers can now view the performance status of all their own individual Keynote measurements next to the performance measurements taken from all the major backbones for faster and more efficient detection, triage, diagnosis and repair when e-business application performance degrades.

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