imperfect market

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Imperfect market

Economic environment in which the costs of labor and other resources used for production encourage firms to use substitute inputs that are less costly.
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Imperfect Market

1. See: Market inefficiency.

2. A market where costs are too high, encouraging producers either to stop producing or to find ways to lower costs. For example, if labor costs are too high in an imperfect market, producers have an incentive to lower salaries, lay off employees, or cease operations altogether.
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imperfect market

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(20) Finally, Ratcliff was critical of attaching hypothetical or idealized perfect market conditions to standard value definitions, instead believing that market value should reflect real, if imperfect, markets without artificial constraints.
Since we started our operations in Egypt in 1995, Egypt has been and is still a perfect market, which supported our choice of Egypt to be our centre of productions in the Middle East and Africa, and to double our investments in the country to reach EGP 2bn by the end of 2018."
Mars Wrigley doubles investments in Egypt to LE 2B President of Mars Wrigley Confectionery Martin Radvan said that Egypt had been and still a perfect market, which supported the company's choice of Egypt to be its center of production in the ME and Africa.
The year ahead presents 'perfect market conditions' for risk-taking, which makes investing in equity index funds an attractive option for investors who are looking for higher returns.
Bell Court is the perfect market for us and represents a great opportunity to build our brand alongside national bar and restaurant operators."
He was chief strategy officer of Idealab's Perfect Market from 2010 to 2011.
This is like viewing a kaleidoscope of the end of the beginning of the French Revolution, which had everything to do with a clash of various interest groups, and nothing at all to do with a perfect market economy.
And in a perfect market, competitive forces would correct for this.
More specifically, coverage includes game theory, critiques of the neoclassical "perfect market" economy and alternative price theories, simulation and agent-based modeling, and the information economy and the open-source principle, among other topics.
Industry and Commerce Minister and chairman of the Bahrain Exhibition and Convention Authority Dr Hassan Fakhro thanked the Prime Minister for his continuous support for the annual event since its launch in 1992, uniting thousands of exhibitors and buyers in the Middle East and providing a perfect market entry point for hundreds of returning and new international jewellery houses and watch manufacturing companies to showcase finest collections and latest trends.
Americans were the perfect market for this salty-sweet liquid because we already bought into the benefits of post-exercise beverages, says Jonny Forsyth of another market research group, Mintel.
"Borrowers consistently tell us how much they like and value short-term credit but if the regulator turns the screw too far and drives reputable lenders out of the market, these borrowers will be forced to look for credit elsewhere and this creates a perfect market for illegal lenders."