percentage order

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Percentage order

Used for listed equity securities. Market limited price order to buy/sell a specified percentage (usually 50%) of shares traded (sometimes after a fixed number of shares of the stock have already traded). See: participating buyer/seller, "Participate but do not initiate."
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Percentage Order

A buy or sell order to a broker , with the added instruction to withhold executing the order until a certain number of shares in the security have been traded.
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percentage order

A customer order to purchase or sell shares of a stock after a specified number of shares of the same stock have been traded.
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Definition of variables: Deviation = difference between actual acknowledgment delay and expected delay based on order priority; EDIGOOD = percentage orders dealers transmitted by EDI with no errors; EDIBAD = percentage orders dealers transmitted by EDI with errors; Product Complexity = an equally weighted index of standardized values of lines per order, number of finish codes, number of unique finish codes, and average item cost; Price Quotes = percentage of orders completed that require manual pricing; Custom Quotes = percentage of orders completed that include at least one custom material; and Engineering Quotes = percentage of orders completed that require manual verification of engineering designs.
dollars or payment as a percentage or fraction of disposable retired pay.[6] Percentage orders automatically award the same percentage of cost of living increases to the former spouse.[7] Certain formula orders are now being accepted by Defense Finance.[8] Taxes and Social Security obligations of each retirement pay recipient are separately withheld, and separate 1099s are issued to each party for divorce decrees effective after February 2, 1991.[9] The total amount of the disposable retirement pay of a member that may be paid to a former spouse or spouses may not exceed 50 percent.

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