per capita income

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Per Capita Income

The amount of income in an area divided by the number of persons in that area. This is, in essence, the average income in the area. It may not adequately describe wealth, as it does not consider debt and it does not consider persons with very high or very low incomes that may skew the average in one direction or another. However, it may still be used as a measure of economic health in an area.

per capita income


income per head

the GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT (national income) of a country divided by the size of its POPULATION. This gives the average income per head of population if it were all shared out equally. In 2003, the UK had a per capita level of $24,230, Japan $33,990, and the USA $34,870. Most developing countries, by contrast, had a per capita income level of under $1,000. See DISTRIBUTION OF INCOME.

per capita income

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In other words, their investment in education relative to their per-capita income would have been lower than in the United States at the turn of the century.
Barclays Capital estimated per-capita income in North Korea at $900, compared with $9,050 in the South.
I believe the nation will be able to keep up an average 6 % economic growth in the next four years and per-capita income will increase to 13,000 dollars by the time my terms ends in 2003," Kim said.
In the Eugene-Springfield area, per-capita incomes fell by 2.