per capita debt

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Per capita debt

The total bonded debt of a municipality divided by the population of the municipality.

Per Capita Debt

The amount of municipal debt divided by the number of persons in that municipality. Because most municipal bonds are guaranteed in some way by the municipality tax revenue, the number of taxpayers in that municipality is important in determining its ability to repay the bonds. As a result, credit ratings agencies use per capita debt in rating municipal bonds.

per capita debt

The total debt of a municipality divided by the municipality's population. Financial analysts use per capita debt when evaluating a municipality's ability to repay its debt.
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Under pressure to reduce the developed world's heaviest per-capita debt burden, at over a quadrillion yen ($8.
The value of the debt may not change, but the per-capita debt burden will shrink.
But if you undertake a big stimulus when the population is stagnant, or even declining, then over time, the per-capita debt burden will rise .
2 trillion yen at the end of last year, bringing per-capita debt -- or the amount owed per head of population -- to about 7.