per capita debt

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Per capita debt

The total bonded debt of a municipality divided by the population of the municipality.
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Per Capita Debt

The amount of municipal debt divided by the number of persons in that municipality. Because most municipal bonds are guaranteed in some way by the municipality tax revenue, the number of taxpayers in that municipality is important in determining its ability to repay the bonds. As a result, credit ratings agencies use per capita debt in rating municipal bonds.
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per capita debt

The total debt of a municipality divided by the municipality's population. Financial analysts use per capita debt when evaluating a municipality's ability to repay its debt.
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From 2005 to 2015 the number of consumers 60 and older with outstanding student loan debt rose from about 700,000 to 2.8 million, and the average per-capita debt burden increased from $12,100 to $23,500.
Bremen has the highest per-capita debt - 30,615 euros (over 34,000
Under pressure to reduce the developed world's heaviest per-capita debt burden, at over a quadrillion yen ($8.5 trillion), Abe raised the sales tax from 5 percent to 8 percent in April, and was supposed to increase it to 10 percent next year.
It is one of the highest per-capita debt loads among Texas cities, which mostly have debt loads of less than $1,000 per resident.
The value of the debt may not change, but the per-capita debt burden will shrink.
Debt expanded to a record 997.2 trillion yen at the end of last year, bringing per-capita debt -- or the amount owed per head of population -- to about 7.8 million yen, given that Japan's total population was around 127.5 million as of Jan.
Minimum per-capita debt that Iceland owes to foreign depositors as a result of its banking collapse | $19,100
That translates into a per-capita debt of 5.04 million yen.
This is the highest per-capita debt in the world," Castro stated.
Per-capita debt grew to about 7.56 million yen from 7.38 million yen at the end of June.
Per-capita debt came to around 7.10 million yen based on Japan's estimated population of about 127.42 million as of July 1.
The balance of per-capita debt came to 6.56 million yen, up about 50,000 yen from the year before, according to the ministry.