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But now that the per diem bills are being introduced, Fann said the Senate's budget would be used to pay for any increase if the bills pass.
But Cook acknowledged that he has long complained about the low per diem for out-of-county lawmakers, and how it causes the Legislature to lose good people.
Gowan's alleged involvement in the effort is significant because in 2016, he was forced to repay the state more than $12,000 after receiving per diem on days he claimed to have worked, but didn't.
survey the fifty state laws on per diem and lump sum arguments to
states that allow a lump sum demand and per diem calculations to
states that allow a lump sum demand but do not allow per diem
With 181 Texas legislators, plus the lieutenant governor, taxpayers will be spending $34,580 per day for their per diems, so the special session could cost a grand total of $1,037,400 if lawmakers meet for the full 30 days.
Chiefs of Nova Scotia handed Ottawa and streetfighter Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Bernard Valcourt their best day ever with the issue of over-inflated chiefly per diems making headlines on APTN.
Chief Paul Prosper of Paqtnkek First Nation says the chiefs recognize that they shouldn't be saddling an agency with the kinds of costs associated with their per diems. The internal review was done in 2011.
excluding proration of central office expenses, the average per diem
cost measures; for example, how per diem rates are calculated.
easy: as one theoretical example, say the average per diem cost for