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Das Transformationsszenario stellt die Potenziale des peer-to-peer sharing in den Kontext eines sozial-okologischen Wandels.
authorities seized and shut down Kickass Torrents (KAT), the world's largest website for sharing torrents, the peer-to-peer sharing community was dealt another blow this week.
So what you get is a ripple effect -- peer-to-peer sharing of a
Peer-to-peer sharing, or influencer marketing, is word-of-mouth advertising taken to a whole new level, and the actions of social influencers directly affect a consumer's path to purchase behavior.
It's also called collaborative consumption or peer-to-peer sharing.
Peer-to-peer sharing that demonstrates value tends to work better than a slap on the hand for non-compliance, especially in today's climate of joint-employer risk when heavy handed tactics can backfire.
In her book, Botsman estimates the global peer-to-peer sharing or rental industry at more than $26 billion.
This peer-to-peer sharing is genuinely effective and inspiring, and we need more of it if we are to evolve into the self improving education system we want to be.
The key question raised in these lawsuits was whether or not the operators could be held vicariously and/or contributorily liable for the unauthorized peer-to-peer sharing of MP3 files that was taking place on their services.
Tia Taylor, MPH, program manager in APHA's Center for Public Health Policy, said she hopes that practitioners will use the studies to "gain some insight into how their peers are approaching policy efforts and to foster peer-to-peer sharing."
"As a risk factor, it can do a lot of it has the ability to cause a lot of people substantial angst," Parisi says about social media, noting the liabilities involved in password security issues, peer-to-peer sharing or obtaining employee information on Facebook.
The site is a free tool for peer-to-peer sharing of advice which we feel is the next major land grab in the online game here," Miller told Hotelier Middle East.