Payout period

Payout period

The time period during which withdrawals from a retirement account or annuity are paid.

Payout Period

1. The period of time during which benefits on an annuity or retirement account are paid.

2. In entrepreneurship, a period of time in which cash flow is negative. This especially applies to an early part of a company's history before it has recovered start-up costs and operating expenses.

3. In stocks, dividends per share divided by earnings per share, expressed as a percentage. Stock analysts use this ratio to compute how much of a company's profits it pays in dividends, and perhaps how that compares to other, similar companies. Stockholders prefer companies that pay more in dividends.
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Despite the increase in value, the average payout period remains unchanged - about 12 months, which shows that Bulgarians can afford to pay higher monthly installments, the company said.
If they don't need it, that money will still be available during the annuity's normal payout period and will be passed onto beneficiaries if it isn't used during the annuitant's lifetime.
That situation improved over time but still left the improvement district saddled with more debt and extended the payout period.
Payout period for the registered nominal shareholders and trustees, who are professional participants of the stock market, is before October 24, 2016.
To keep the cash flow of the deal positive, the transaction is more likely to have a lower multiple and longer payout period for the portion of the deal that is treated as a sale.
There are a variety of payout options available for additional security, including a minimum payout period and survivor guaranteed payments to help a surviving spouse, the firms said.
You also name one or more charities to receive the remainder interest in the trust--the assets left in the CRT after the income payout period.
These very approximate economics for a single shale gas well generate a net present value, discounted at 10% after tax, of $16-19 million and a payout period of 13-16 months.
Many agreements include a limit on collections over the payout period so that any increase in collections attributable to the buyer's effOrts goes to the buyer.
A statistically significant portfolio of life settlements" -- a financial instrument that groups together life insurance policies to make a (hopefully) diversified portfolio with a fairly predictable payout period -- "is ideally suited for an LDI program, offering double-digit, long-duration returns that are well-timed to match liabilities," says Darryl Glatthorn, Head of Capital Markets for Vida Capital, which invests in life settlement assets.
Monthly payouts are provided to help cover the cost of long-term care, with the payout period often spread over 24 to 48 months and can continue until the entire face amount of the policy is depleted.
Later, in a summary section of the buyout, the non-compete clause says: "During the 10-year payout period, Moos will not accept a position as athletic director at any BCS college or university west of the Mississippi River.