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The amount required to repay a loan, including interest and fees.
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The reception of compensation for a good or service. For example, if one sells a hairdryer for $10, the payment is $10. In a cash sale, payment is made immediately or almost immediately, while in a credit sale, payment may be delayed for a certain period of time.
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Funds given to another in exchange for goods or services or as reimbursement for money loaned.A mortgage payment may consist of interest only;it could be a combination of principal and interest; or it could also include sums for real estate taxes, property insurance, and/or private mortgage insurance. In order to use Microsoft Excel to calculate your monthly principal and interest payment for a mortgage, do the following:

1. In cell A1, place the annual interest rate.

2. In cell A2, place the number of months of the loan to fully amortize it.

3. In cell A3, place the principal amount of the loan.

4. In cell A4, write the following formula exactly: pmt(A1/12,A2,A3)

5. Cell A4 will calculate your monthly payment.

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Because alimony payments are deductible to the payor spouse, there is the temptation on his or her part to "front load" or make excessive payments in the early years of the alimony term to maximize deductions in those years.
In this alternative, the income is reported to the IRS as being taxable directly to the deemed owner; however, the forms are mailed by the payor to the trustee.
Manz was quoted as describing FAR as "disgruntled payors who are paying permanent alimony who want to stop paying it."
Whether the payment would have been made in exchange for the modified release is an open question, but the proper thing to do would have been to bring the discrepancy to the attention of the payor. Alternatively, the release could have been backdated to April 30 with an exception for retainage and any work done, but not billed (which the payor would have typically described specifically instead of the general statement "unbilled work").
* the total family debts exceed the total family assets, or the payor has a negative net worth;
Recent federal litigation has prompted a change in calculating the benchmark average wholesale price for prescription drugs, but many health insurers and other payors are uncertain what the change means for them.
Finally, a number of payors will be making changes in their benefit plans, coverage, and reimbursements as of 2010.
MMS is in the process of implementing (1) GAO's past recommendations to help identify missing royalty reports and monitor payors' changes to royalty data; (2) recommendations from the Royalty Policy Committee--a group empanelled by the Secretary of the Interior to provide advice on managing federal and Indian leases and revenues--to improve edit checks, monitor the quality of natural gas, revise gas valuation regulations, and improve coordination with BLM; and (3) other efforts on adding specific edits for sales prices and identifying discrepancies in volumes between operators and payors.
Advantages for seeking insurance coverage during the trial include introducing the technology to the payor community so each may collect claims data on beneficiaries, without the need to provide full coverage for unknown technologies.
There is to be a decrease in the amount of family support or spousal support tied to a contingency of a child of the payor parent.
The proposed default treatment of the proceeds to the payor (or purchaser) of the restrictive covenant, however, is on capital account.