payment date

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Payment date

The date on which shareholders of record will be sent a check for the declared dividend.
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Payment Date

The dates on which stockholders are sent dividend payments. That is, the payment dates are the dates where stockholders receive dividends that they are either guaranteed (for preferred stock) or that was previously declared by the company (for common stock). Payment dates are fixed for preferred stock because the dividends are contractually guaranteed; however, they may change for common stock, particularly when the company changes its plowback rate. See also: Interest Dates.
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payment date

The date on which a dividend will be paid to stockholders or on which interest will be paid to bondholders by the issuers' paying agents. In some cases, the issuers will have the payments made a day early so that the security holders will receive payment on the payment date.
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BENEFIT payment dates will change later this month because of the August bank holiday.
In this case, the board will make separate resolutions on each distribution of the dividend and/or equity repayment so that the preliminary record and payment dates will be 29 March 2019 preliminary payment date, with 15 March 2019 as preliminary record date; 28 June 2019 as preliminary payment date, with 21 June 2019 as preliminary record date; 30 September 2019 as preliminary payment date, with 23 September 2019 as preliminary record date and 30 December 2019 as preliminary payment date, with 19 December 2019 as preliminary record date.
Child Benefit and Tax Credits are usually paid every four weeks on Monday or Tuesday, but there are different payment dates if there is a bank holiday.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-November 14, 2016-GAMCO board amends record, payment dates of quarterly dividend
"As expected, JEV registered a strong finance service coverage ratio (FSCR) of 1.63 times (with cash balances, post-distribution, calculated on payment dates) and supported by a cash balance of MYR 103.66 million on the last principal repayment date of the Senior IMTN (12 November 2015).
While the Yield function (discussed later) provides a quicker way to find YTM, the Goal Seek method used in Exhibit 1 illustrates the logic behind the calculation of YTM when bonds are purchased in between interest payment dates at a premium.
At the same time, to encourage take up of direct debit, which is not only the most secure but also the most cost effective method of payment, we decided to retain a choice of payment dates for customers electing to pay in this way.
However, if made part of a subsequent deferral election, these payment dates may not be effective until at least 12 months after the election is made (Regs.
BARCLAYCARD are penalising customers who clear monthly credit card bills on time by bringing forward payment dates without warning.
Staff will be offering people signing up to direct debit the choice, for the first time, of two payment dates - the 17th or the 1st of the month.
This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of the swap, including the notional amount, term, index on which floating-rate payments will be calculated (for example, three-month LIBOR or prime) and the agreed-upon fixed rate and payment dates.

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