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1. A payment on the interest and/or principal on a loan; debt service.

2. When a bond is called or matures and a new one is issued, the amount by which the face value of the old issue exceeds the face value of the new one. This represents a reduction in the issuer's debt. If a company pays out $10,000,000 in bond maturities and then issues $7,000,000 in new bonds, this is an example of paydown, because the company now has $3,000,000 less in debt.
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In a corporate or U.S. Treasury refunding, the amount by which the face value of the bonds being refunded exceeds the par value of the new bonds being sold. The paydown represents the amount by which the debt is reduced.
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In addition, paying down a loan without tax benefits is better than paying down a loan with tax-deductible interest.
In March, the TRS board unanimously approved a statement urging lawmakers to reject any proposal to reduce scheduled payments or lengthen the schedule for paying down the liabilities.
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Nearly three-fourths (74.4%) of respondents said people should focus on paying down debt and saving for retirement simultaneously.
A little-known and unique data set allows us for the first time to examine the progress graduate students from each institution make on paying down federal student loans.
Using a tax refund to pay down debt is consistent with previous CIBC polls that found paying down debt has been the top financial priority for Canadians for five years running, with 85 per cent of Canadians taking steps to reduce their personal debt levels.
Besides putting the money into savings, the most popular plans for those refunds were paying down debt (39.1%) and using it to cover everyday expenses (25.1%).
Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, a McAllen Democrat and the committee's vice chairman, filed measures Wednesday that would ask voters to approve amending the Texas Constitution to exempt from the cap spending on tax cuts or paying down the state debt.
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We won't hear an apology for beating up the poor and vulnerable with their austerity measures or for paying down the nation's debt on the back of the vulnerable and disabled whilst giving tax hand-outs to the rich or for robbing every person in Northumberland of PS269 a year with cuts to public services.
"The overwhelming majority of real estate owners live in their property and we build equity in our homes by paying down our mortgages."
Despite this, paying down debt and building a savings pot remains a priority for many, with over half of people still managing to save or invest each month.